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Hello there!  I’m Melissa.

Most days, you can find me sipping cream kissed coffee and savoring life’s little details as I juggle the responsibilities of motherhood.  I’m a smile giver with a listening ear and a weakness for shortbread cookies!

I am passionate about kindness, compassion & the creative side of life.  When I don’t have a camera in hand, you’ll find me entertaining my children or working on handmade cards and quilts to give to other people.  I have a thing for paper planners in this world of electronic living and often times have a little collection of them gracing my office shelves.  Organization is important to me and I find joy in having a planner in front of me with multiple colors of markers for color coding my weeks!

My photography style is classic, clean and natural.  Real expression and emotion make me happy.  You can be yourself with me!  Children of all ages capture my heart and I love their little quirks and individuality!  I do what I can to ensure they feel comfortable in my presence and we find some common ground to get a photo session started off calmly.  I tend to let younger children lead their sessions, giving quiet guidance from the sidelines.  Since older children and high school seniors tend to be a bit more self conscious, I give more guidance to them.  I am always open to your ideas for basic photo sessions themes because I believe a session should reflect the subject.  Their personality.  Their style.  Their interests.  When I ask about those seemingly little details before a session, it is so I can get a feel for who my photo subject is and taylor things to fit.

Let’s work together to create your photo session!  You can contact me using the contact form link in the menu above.  I’d love to hear from you!

Member of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers